Creative Corona: Day 3

Coyau / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Christina Hession, who graduated from the MA in Creating Writing this year, contemplates  life after the virus in this future-looking poem on the third day of “Creative Corona”. 


When I emerge

from this cocoon,

I will wave off kummerspeck

at the departure gate for Cologne.


I will paint tangerine sunsets

over The Long Walk,

in an acquamarine kimono

accompanied by Por una Cabeza.


I will learn how to say

‘you’re a big ride’ in Italian,

and practise it in Lisdoonvarna

on an unsuspecting hill farmer.


I will silence that niggling character

who wants his own short story,

I will scale my ‘to be read’ book towers,

like a griseous Rapunzel.


Christina Hession

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