Watch out for “Creative Corona”!

Coyau / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

“Creative Corona” is an initiative of the MA in Creative Writing, which like many courses at UCC, has been disrupted because of the COVID-19 virus. As have many literary events. However, creative work goes on, regardless. 

From Wednesday April 1, we’re going to showcase a miscellany of fiction, poetry and non-fiction from current and past students of the MA, alongside established writers with UCC associations.  We’ll feature a new piece of writing every day by students, faculty and alumni, to highlight the virtual community of writers that has emerged around the MA in Creative Writing.   

Some of these pieces reference the current situation, some don’t. The brief to participants was left entirely open.  We hope you’ll enjoy their work, which was freely and willingly donated.

Mary Morrissy, Associate Director of Creative Writing