Riverrun for Conor

Congratulations to Conor Rowell, one of our 2017 MA graduates, who has just been published in the River River Literary Journal, a New York publication which serves the creative writing community of the lower Hudson Valley and beyond. “Serpents of the Middle East” appears in the spring edition of the journal and was one of the stories Conor presented as part of his thesis. His work has appeared in Synthesis Magazine and UCC’s literary journal, Quarryman.   You can read his story here: – http://riverriver.org/river-river-literary-journal/issue-5-spring-2017/serpents-of-the-middle-east/.

Meanwhile, a story by Eileen O’Donoghue, who’s at present completing her thesis, has been nominated for the Fabula Press Nivlais Short Story competition – http://www.fabulapress.com/ 2017.  “Scarecrows” – which grew out of a writing prompt – is in the final sixteen and will be published in an anthology of long-listed stories for the 2017 competition.